“Oh my goodness, 35+ other companies and orders to manage!  We “civilians” just have no idea the magnitude of effort and complexity required in building a house.  (It’s a HOME not a house, isn’t it!)  My gratitude and appreciation grows with each interaction with you.  Thanks again guys …. it is hard working and thoughtful people like you, filled with integrity, that make America great! Thanks again so much!”

Mike and Penny H. of Star

“The biggest draw to us has been Don’s personality and pride in his work.  He has been very easy to work with and easy to approach with questions. Don is also very accessible and answers his phone most of the time or call back in a timely manner.  I cannot tell you how much this has meant to us.  I have made many last minute changes and he has been happy to help us get exactly what we want…The quality of our home has been amazing!”

Matt and Stacy S. of Boise

“During the course of construction, we found that Don was extremely helpful in guiding us into good decisions and open to any suggestions we made. In other words, he listened!”

“Having Don build our home was a stroke of real luck.  He is extremely knowledgeable about construction and he is a truly honest and nice person.  Don is an excellent home builder because of who he is and because he has quality employees and sub-contractors.  They all take pride in their work and are extremely polite and helpful”

Jerry and Edie C. of Meridian